About the Artist

About the Artist


I believe it’s expected to say something about your art. Well, I paint to try and express a feeling. Sometimes, it’s just an idea or an image.  Through painting, the attempt is to get as close as I can to the feeling. I suppose if it doesn’t work out, it is because the idea was far greater. This process then is my purpose in painting and my enjoyment is in trying.

I like the work of Edward Hopper, the famous American painter and his statement that “art is the outward expression of an inner life” – a personal idea of the world.

Trying to describe a painting is tricky….and I come across lots of artist statements about their paintings.  I must have changed this brief introduction on so many occasions – it seems sometimes that the more you try,  you often cannot find the right words and you move away rather than towards what you are trying to say. That is my experience anyway. Perhaps say nothing?

In conclusion, I have limited the amount of description or have said nothing at all believing it’s best to leave it to people to decide.

There may be up to 100 pieces posted here at any one time. Many are for sale and some are advertised on Artfinder.com. If you would like to buy a painting direct from this site or you want to request a commission, please get in touch through the contact page.

I hope that pieces of art can provide years of appreciation.

To give a guide for paintings on this site, small pieces are around £40 (e.g. 15/20/25cm wide), medium ones are between £60 to £80 (30/35/40cm) and larger ones £125 to £150 (50/60cm plus). I am happy to accept offers.

All paintings are originals, signed on the back and can be provided in a frame (either free of charge or a very nominal ‘at cost’ amount) and with a certificate of authenticity if required. Depending on where you live, I will simply charge the exact postal cost or can arrange free local delivery.

Thanks for looking.