I think my paintings represent a kind of idealism, what I want things to be, rather than the way they are.

I love the effect a tone or a particular colour can bring to a subject as well as the effect of light. As a result I’m drawn to an impressionist style.

I am inspired by so many artists e.g. by my namesake, Frederick ‘Golden’ Short, whose paintings of the light and trees in the New Forest have been a particular influence. Trees are a favourite subject. I like their shapes, their ‘architecture’, the feeling of walking among them, the way light gets through the darkness. Another favourite is Chagall- his paintings make me think of his love of life.

Working on an idea and a feeling in developing a painting represents  freedom, a freedom I love to share.

For each painting, I have limited the amount of description or left it without comment. If you would like to buy a painting direct from this site or request a commission, please get in touch through the contact page.

All paintings are originals, signed and many are framed. I only charge the actual cost of postage.

I hope you enjoy looking.